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Workflow showing "Error Occurred" status when creating a site


Hi When i run the Workflow to create a site, the WF status tells me an Error has occurred. The site was still created but this error stops the WF so then anything i have built after that action does not work. It looks like the WF times out while creating the site. not sure if there is a fix or workaround for this.


melissafre49 wrote Apr 30, 2014 at 9:47 PM

I ran into this as well. Two things:

When assigning the siteName and the Description do NOT use the function (fx) button to directly tie it to a field in the current item. Click the "..." button to build a string and add your variable in there instead.

2nd thing - It did not like me creating my own output variables. Just leave them be as they naturally are when you add the activity