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Missing column tp_isCurrent


We had a SP2010 with iLoveSharePoint installed, it worked fine.
Then we migrated to SP2013 and it continues to work fine.
Now we have found a little problem regarding the LookupFieldWithPicker, lets assume the following:
  • List L1 is a Task list
  • List L2 is a Itemslist where one column is a LookupFieldWithPicker
  • Workflow W1 runs on L1
  • Workflow W2 runs on L2
The usecase is that W1 does some operations and at the end it calls W2. Here we get an exception and in the ULSViewer we find an SQL error which says the column tp_isCurrent is missing. By deleting the LookupFieldWithPicker from L2 it works we assume that the probem is the LookupFieldWithPicker of iLoveSharePoint.