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How To import a PowerShell Webpart?

Jun 23, 2010 at 10:13 AM

Hi Christian,

i created a Powershell Webpart, export it an tried to import the webpart with a powershell script and the webpartmanager.

When i go to the Website where i tried to add the webpart, i get an error because the script of the webpart is not sigend...

When i import the webpart on the website with th UI, everything works as expected!

Can you please help me with this Problem? Can i sign the script during the import? I used a famr admin account to import the script...

I also tried to "update" the script of a webpart with the webpartmanager --> i could update the script, but the signing was lost --> so i have to got to the site, open the Properties as Farm admin and save the webpart