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No results in InfoPath

Sep 22, 2010 at 6:39 AM

I downloaded this and followed the steps from the cglessner blog post. 

  1. Executed the deploy.bat. 
  2. Checked the service is running from browser URL.  The Test option didn't give me INVOKE button, instead it showed a text "The test form is only available for methods with primitive types as parameters.".
  3. Continued with a Test InfoPath form as described in blog.  When clicked on Preview button, it showed me "Microsoft Office InfoPath Security Notice" warning dialogue box.  I clicked YES option and it showed me just "String" in the Preview window.  I am not getting the Administrator group names from SharePoint.

My Environment includes:

OS - Windows 2008 Standard

SharePoint 2007 Enterprise

Can someone please assist in getting this resolved.