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Query XML - Document: Confused about query of multiple documents from one WF.

Aug 21, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Edited Aug 22, 2012 at 1:43 AM

I have a WF set to start automatically when an XML document 'contentsListYYYY-MM-DD.xml' is uploaded. 

First step queries the Current Item (contentsListYYYY-MM-DD.xml) with //*[local-name()='myNode'] and returns the inner XML as varContents. For testing I have the WF log varContents to the history and I can verify that step 1 works as expected.

The second step of the WF is supposed to query another document in the same library (Current List). This document is uniquely named, 'definitionsListYYYY.xml' The second step goes like this:

Query XML-Document where CurrentList:Name matches 'definitionsListYYYY.xml' with //*[local-name()='myNode'] and return Inner XML as varDefinition.

I've logged varDefinition and see that the result is not as expected. Instead of returning the inner XML of 'definitionsListYYYY.xml' it returns the inner XML from 'contentsListYYYY-MM-DD.xml'

The second query is querying the current item despite me explicitly telling it to query some other item. Now I thought that it could be due to the same XPATH. I hope not because of how these files are being output I have no control over the myNode name. They both contain myNode and the same child nodes at the same levels but I do not think it is due to the naming of the nodes. If i query just a child node  for step 2, the results are the same. The 2nd query always runs on 'contentsListYYYY-MM-DD.xml'

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these XML actions and could point me in the right direction? Do i need to seperate out the queries into different WFs or set the XML in between them? Can there be two query actions in the same WF? I'm wondering if this is an issue or user error. ;)

btw. Awesome set of actions! Thank you.