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Require Picker item exists?

Jan 16, 2009 at 6:59 PM
First off, I LOVE this Lookup with Picker.  It's seriously saving me a ton of hours and headaches with a current project.


Is it possible to set it up so that you can toggle whether or not a field with this type requires an entered value to appear in the bound list?

Let me clarify...

Let's say I have a list called Cars with a single column, Make.  Both are plain text fields
Then I have a second list called Drivers with two columns:  Name and Car Make.  Name is plain text, but Car Make is a Lookup with Picker bound to the Make column in the Car list.

So right now, when someone adds to the Drivers list, they can only pick something for the Car Make if it already exists in the Car list. 

That's great in some cases, but other times I might want it to behave differently.  Like maybe a new Make is released and I want someone to be able to manually type that in on the Driver list without it needing to be added first to the Car list.

Does that make sense?  And is such a thing possible as it stands?



Jan 18, 2009 at 12:03 PM
unfortunately it would not be possible to store a manual text in the picker field, because intenally it saves the ID of the lookup item.
Maybe it would be possible in the next release to add a new button to the picker dialog and redirect to the new form and after saving back to the picker dialog again.
Would this solve the scenario?

Maybe three columns could help you, the picker, a text and a calculated column. In the new/edit form you could to toogle beetween the picker and text text column with javascript (I prefer jQuery).
The caluclated column you can use to aggregate the picker and the text column for using in list views (not sure if this work with lookup fields?).
This is just an idea, don't know if this would work?!

Bye, Christian