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Query XML-Document Special Characters

Jun 3, 2013 at 1:20 PM
Firstly thanks so much for a incredibly useful set of tools!

Secondly, I have a website which generates an XML file based on user input. This file is emailed to a document library which triggers a workflow. The workflow interrigates the file and extracts the information from it. This works for the most part.


The workflow errors and stops if the data contains a special character. I've included a sample below for reference. Everything works fine with plain text so i know the workflow itself is fine.

Is there a way of working around this issue or will i need to scrub the data before it's put into the xml file?
  • <Transact Operation="'Add'">
  • <Add>
  • <Fields>
    <Title />
    <Address>#16 Elm Avenue Bradwell Great Yarmouth</Address>