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Query XML-Document Action

Query a XML File in a SharePoint Library with a XPath-Expression.

1. Add “Query XML-Document”  Action to a SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow


2. Configure the action


List Item: The list item that represents the XML-Document

XPath: The XPath query to execute

Selection Type: Defines what should ne selected (Inner XML, Outer XML, Value)

Output: The result of the XPath Query. When the expression returns more than one node each node will be append to the result string. E.g. “<Node>1</Node><Node>2</Node><Node>3</Node>”. This would not be valid XML and could not processed with the Query XML Action. To generate valid XML again surround the nodes with a root node with the Build Dynamic String Action.

Example: Query an Infopath XML-Document and write the result to the history log



3. Publish and run the workflow

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